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Sunshine Coast Psychology - Integrated Wellness Clinic - Mooloolaba

Psychologist in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast
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Your health is our top priority which is why we've decided to switch to online from 26 March 2020.

Your upcoming consultations with us will look very similar to what they do currently. The key differences are that you'll be in the comfort of your own home while connecting to your practitioner vi...

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What is the main difference between a clinical and a counseling psychologist?

A clinical psychologist is concerned with observation of an earthly human's behaviors, as well as, an earthly human's quality of environment as causes of mental operational faults.
A counselor interacts with his pat...

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Is a clinical psychologist a doctor?

A clinical psychologist IS a doctor, but with many limitations:
A clinical psychologist is someone with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. This allows them to be referred to as A¢A€AœDoctor.A¢A€A Their scope of duty is basically limited to providing counseli...

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Who is the best psychologist in sunshine coast ?

We provide all releated services for psychology
For an appointment with the psychologist on the sunshine coast you can contact us at:
Sunshine Coast Psychologist - Integrated Wellness Clinic - Mooloolaba
(level 5) 505 45 Brisbane RoadMooloola...

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What can I expect from a clinical psychologist?

What should I expect from a clinical psychologist? You will be treated with dignity and respect. Your clinical psychologist will carefully listen and help you to understand and change the difficulties that you may be facing. You will receive hone...

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Why are clinical psychologists important?

Clinical psychologists help people live healthier lives, applying the research and science of behavior change to the problems their patients experience. A degree in psychology can lead to a fulfilling career that makes a difference in people's lives.

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How do psychologists define pain?

Psychological aspects of pain. ... INTRODUCTION: Pain is defined "an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage". Pain is a sensation of the body, and is always an unpleas...

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a psychologist?

Psychologists typically do the following:
Conduct scientific studies of behavior and brain function.A°AŸA‘A©A¢A€AA¢AšA•A¯A¸A
Collect information through observations, interviews, surveys, and other methods.
Research and identify ...

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Can a psychologist help with chronic pain?

Psychologists can help you manage the stresses in your life related to your chronic pain. Psychologists can help you learn relaxation techniques, such as meditation or breathing exercises to keep stress levels under control.
For an appointment with the ...

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4 weeks ago
one of the best psychologist in sunshine coast. I recommended it to one of my friend and he felt very much relaxed after getting their service. Highly recommended.
- Sourabh J
a month ago
I’ve seen both Ambrose & Debra and truly believe my son and I are in the right place. The office and admin staff are welcoming and I feel safe.
- Jennifer J
3 months ago
I met Courtney at a Sunshine Coast library presentation and what she had to say about ‘gut health’ resonated and just made so much sense. At the time I had so many health issues – and they all stemmed from lack of ‘gut health’. Indigestion, adrenal issues, bloating, tummy and irritable bowel type issues. Plus I was taking an absolute swag of naturopathic medications prescribed by a different practitioner and still wasn’t feeling ‘well’. 8 months down the track – I have no indigestion, my tummy and bowel issues are a thing of the past, I have energy, my sleep pattern is improved AND all I take is one tablet to boost the immune system and a teaspoon of cod liver oil for good health. This last item makes me laugh because that’s was my health regime as a child …. 65 years ago!! Right from the start I was impressed with Courtney’s attitude. Her vision was that together we could get my health back into balance so that I didn’t need supplements – naturopathic or prescription – and h...
- Marilyn F

Sunshine Coast Psychologist

 Mental health is an ever-growing concern in today's world. The acknowledgement of the importance of cognitive wellness is a positive step towards the growth of society. Psychology is the disciplinary and formal approach to the achievement of this mental stability. We, Sunshine Coast Psychologist, are at the focal point of this movement and our core purpose is to facilitate any individuals who feel like they need professional assistance for issues that are causing disruptions and affecting the normal flow of their everyday life activities. Our wellness clinic welcomes those in need with open arms, evidently projecting that mental wellness is just as important as physical well-being. Psychologists understand as professionals, that being able to identify and express any cognitive pressure is not easy, and since the problem is not visible, it is often overlooked. The core features of our mental health clinic are empathy, compassion and solution. Our duty as psychologists is to help you navigate through your problems and assess the best possible remedy while keeping you at the center of the entire treatment. In the hectic pattern of everyday life, adverse outcomes like anxiety and stress can often take a toll on our mental health. As psychologists, our utmost advice people undergoing such circumstances is to seek the help of our licensed professionals. Many times, it occurs that serious mental health issues are disregarded on account of their consideration as trivial or unimportant. Our mental health clinic raises an active approach in helping the individuals in a society. We believe that every person is part of an interconnected system, and their personal feelings and emotions are all fragments of the entire community. Psychologists are increasingly becoming aware of the impact that knowledge of mental health and mental wellness clinics are delivering, which is positively influencing acceptance and the tendency of people to reach out for help. The problem evolves from the stigma surrounding psychological disruptions and the profession practised by psychologists. What is not widely known is that commonly tossed around words such as 'depression' and 'anxiety', take a lot of stimulation from the environment and can only progress towards further complication if not identified and treated accordingly. According to various studies, mental illnesses comprise one-third of the forms of disability throughout the world. This displays just how broad and common the occurrence of psychological disruptions is, and neglecting such a crucial problem in society is one of the main reasons for its dissemination. Mental illness is a complex entity, being psychologists, we know that it is not up to general layman conversation to understand and solve the difficulties that arise with the symptoms of mental illness and how to recognize them and address them accordingly. Keeping in focus all of these issues and impediments, our mental wellness clinic holds the dual purpose of imparting awareness along with treatment, helping clients accept their condition and to move past it rather than sinking into the prevalent stigma or feeling deviant. A psychologist considers it his moral and ethical responsibility to offer clinical and counselling help to those who need it, and this is one of the primary ways in which we function, knowing that providing our services to an individual is much more than a monetary or beneficiary matter. Here at Sunshine Coast, we understand you and know that this understanding is the key to any further process or practice that we utilize. Our procedure involves a thorough assessment to ensure that we do not assign any unevidenced label on your condition or problem. We developed a customized treatment plan for every client, which align with their needs and will help them return towards mental stability as quickly as possible and in the most consistent and balanced way. The Sunshine Coast mental wellness clinic is fully client-oriented; what facilitates the patient is what is an asset to us. The essence of being a psychologist is that we understand the foundations of a community and what role interactions play in the resolution or commencement of all mental health issues, regardless of how small or adverse they are. Our mental wellness clinic never has, and will never deny service or help to a client in need.

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